Martrow Announces our new Pressure Testing service over 30,000 PSI, low and high pressure testing

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Martrow is proud to announce the important addition of Metallurgical Testing Services with MSi Testing and Engineering, one of the nations largest (USA Owned) independent metals testing laboratories,  Click Here for a complete list of testing services available.  Standard pricing is for 48 Hr. turnaround with report results for your critical testing needs

What's new at Martrow?  Pressure Testing Services up to 50Ksi!  Also, the addition of a product just released for distribution.  The KFD 90 UT Tester (Ultrasonic Testing) instrument.  Comparable with the best field units available, the KFD 90 is half the cost!!

Click here for specifications and details about the KFD 90

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Infrared Thermometer Uses and Applications

How to use, and application information - plus tips to consider when shopping for an infrared thermometer.

New Materials & Processes Consultancy!

Martrow has established a strategic relationship with a globally renowned expert in the field of metallurgy, chemistry and cause of failure analysis. 

New Metallurgical service options for Southwest based customers.

Martrow has accepted the invitation from MSi Testing and Engineering to be an extension of their laboratory in the South-West Regional US.  Their reputation for rapid, accurate turnaround is unparalleled in this industry.  Try our 48 hour service for your next hot project!